DHI Thessaloniki - Milestones


Leader in hair restoration since 1970

DHI Global Medical Group has been dedicated solely to the education research, diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp disorders for 45 years, and has helped more than 200,000 delighted patients across 53 locations worldwide.

During these 45 years, DHI Global Medical Group has been a leader in the evolution of the hair restoration industry by setting new standards and introducing innovative techniques and medical treatments.

The first DHI Clinic in Palo Alto, California.
K. Giotis with his son at DHI Athens. DHI introduces hair loss medical diagnosis on French media. Workshop with R. Nordstrom. K. Giotis giving award.
Professor J.C Kim, K. Giotis and R. Shiell, ISHR past president. Pro O'Tar Norwood presents for first time the Norwood scales at DHI Athens.
DHI Athens ISO 9002 certified. Dr. J.C Choi and Y.C Kim, inventors of ''Choi Trasnplanter''. Dr. O'Tar Norwood at the 4th DHI Hair Workshop.
The DHI implanter, which allowed for improvements in follicle viability, introduced by DHI Medical Group.
K. Giotis at the 2002 Face congress, in Milan. Direct Hair Implantation technique by DHI that set higher quality standards in Hair Restoration (2010).
K. Giotis and DHI Global Medical Group contribute to university courses, strenghtening partnerships with public universities in Europe.
European and US patents certification for the new Direct Hair Implantation instruments (2014). K. Giotis receives EBA national award (2015).