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About DHI Medical Group

With more than 50 centers worldwide and over 200,000 satisfied customers, DHI Medical Group is the global leader in hair restoration.

Since 1970, DHI Medical Group has been dedicated to the research, diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp disorders, while constantly develop innovative techniques and medical tools.

Although our clients include many celebrities, we pride ourselves on the care and respect we show to each client separately.

Our medical staff has been trained by the one and only Hair Restoration Academy in the world, and has been certified on the DHI Total Care System protocols.



Our Principles


Live sessions direct at Athens University

The educational program of DHI is perhaps the most important innovation of the DHI Medical Group.

DHI has established the first and only Hair Restoration Academy in the world for the training of doctors and the medical staff. Has established partnerships with public Universities in Europe, and actively contributing to courses and other scientific research. Alongside DHI focuses on patient education,  trying to ensure that they have the appropriate knowledge before taking a safe decision.



The DHI is the only hair restoration clinic in the world to establish a system, which applies to all processes and at all levels, in order to guarantee security, top quality and physical results. The DHI Total Care System is based on stringent protocols ISO and CQC and applies to all DHI clinics worldwide.

None doctor or nurse can work in any DHI clinic, if he/she has not been trained and certified by DHI Total Care System.


DHI since 1970 is the leader in minimally invasive hair loss treatments, and has experience in these methods more than all competitors combined.

DHI was the first in the world to permanently left the strip surgery in 2003, and invest in the new back then FUE technology. Few years later, DHI developed further the FUE method, and launched Direct Hair Implantation technique.

In order to cover every aspect in the treatment of hair loss, DHI introduced the Total Care System and treatments such as PRP, Direct Micropigmentation and a range of organic products against hair loss.

DHI, always a leader in hair loss treatment developments, is  investing in research for future treatments, such as stem cells and hair multiplication, and provides  the most advanced and innovative treatments today.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to contribute to the health & well-being of all patients who suffer from hair & scalp disorders.

Our mission is to change the world of hair restoration from inside out through research, education & innovative treatments.

Konstantinos P. Giotis
DHI Global Medical Group, Founder