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Treating Hair Loss

Which hair loss treatment is right for me?

At DHI Thessaloniki we have an orderly system for treating hair loss and alopecia problems, for both women and men, even if the case is at an advanced stage.

Our staff is here to provide you the appropriate treatment plan, based on assessment resulting from the advanced UDSA diagnostic system.

The hair restoration industry has come a long way since the era of punch grafts and conventional surgery, where a strip of skin is removed from the back of the head in order to harvest hair follicles to transplant.

These procedures are now archaic and have been superseded by FUE (follicular unit extraction), Direct Hair Implantation, PRP, Scalp Micropigmentation, as well as new supportive natural products.

DHI Medical Group has set up a Total Care System for the life lasting treatment of your hair loss.

DHI Specialized treatments for Hair Loss

DHI Thessaloniki offers revolutionary treatments for male and female hair loss through a program which serves your personal needs and is designed to meet your every expectation. DHI Thessaloniki's certified specialists will contribute to the design and implementation of a personalized treatment

The DHI implanter, used in Direct Hair Implantation, which provides 100% natural results and maximum growth rate in hair restoration. DHI Direct Hair Transplant

The most advanced technique for hair transplantation today

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Isolated platelet-Rich Plasma that will be activated and injected into the area suffering from hair loss during the PRP Hair Treatment. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Thickening Hair and Stimulating Hair Growth

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Close-up of a man's chest that has been hair restored with Direct Hair Implantation by DHI. Body Hair Transplant

Restore hair density anywhere in the body

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DHI Global Medical Group shampoos and lotions that protect against hair loss with improved formulation and natural ingredients from the Mediterranean. DHI Hair Growth Shampoo & Specialized Lotion

The new DHI growth shampoo and lotion against hair loss at DHI Thessaloniki

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A shaving machine, indication of the DHI's beard restoration treatment with Direct Hair Implantation. Beard Hair Transplant
Restore your facial hair with DHI Direct Hair Implantation

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A beautiful female eyebrow that has been restored in shape and look with one of the two DHI eyebrow restoration treatments. Eyebrows Restoration
Natural Restoration of your Eyebrows Shape and Look

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The DHI Direct Scalp Micropigmentation method applied to a patient to offer an accurate simulation of short hair. Scalp Micro-Pigmentation at DHI Thessaloniki
Instant higher hair density simulation and coverage of the bald area

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Man's hair scalp that has reveived hair prosthetics, the non medical hair restoration method available at DHI Medical Group. Hair Biology

This project aims
to study the stem cells in hair

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