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The Clinic Director, Mr. George Kottaridis, received the award and promised faith and dedication to the DHI vision and even bigger steps forward.

DHI Thessaloniki has announced its candidacy for the International Business Excellence Awards in the health sector.

Thinning hair can have such an impact on a person, it can cause stress, anxiety and loss of self esteem, making you feel like you’d do anything to remedy the situation. 

True Story of a Hair Transplant in Turkey: Patient Calls for Help, Doctor Suggests He Light a Cigarette and “Relax”

Eyeing a bushy brow? Longing for that hipster beard? How you can transform your failing follicles to embrace the new trends

The results will be announced very soon and will lead to a new innovative “Hair Biology Test” that will be introduced to all DHI patients worldwide!

Professor Vassilis Gorgoulis talks about the research project in collaboration with the DHI Global Medical Group (VIDEO)

Specialization Program in the Curing Treatment of Androgenetic forms of Alopecia (including others) from Eugenidion University Hospital and the London Hair Restoration Training Academy

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery warns of technicians spawning black market to perform hair transplants

Hair transplantation is an innovative medical procedure which, when performed by certified physicians in the field, gives a permanent solution to hair loss.

Ian won the Free DHI Session in June '16. Check his progress 3 months later.

Check the progress just 10 days after the hair transplant

The production of hair is not continuous but cyclic. The growth phase (Anagen) is succeeded through a transitional phase of regression (Catagen), by the rest phase (Telogen), and the cycle is preserved.

Check photos just one day after the DHI

Loyal to our vision for changing the world of hair restoration, we continuously invest in research and development in order to contribute to the health and well- being of all patients suffering from hair loss and scalp disorders.

Check by photos step-by-step a DHI Hair Transplant.

"Cannot believe this is actually ME!!! Best thing I've done"

Hair Transplant Result, one year after DHI Hair Transplant.

He chose DHI for his hair restoration and today his look is much better than the past.

Another Academy Masters Meeting has come to the end. This one was probably one of the best ever organized by London Hair Restoration Training Academy. Once again, DHI Global Medical Group proved that it is by far the largest and most experienced medical team of the world in hair restoration. With our new innovative research projects, we have taken things to the highest level of scientific research and this is only the beginning.