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DHI products for Hair Loss

DHI Medical Group has designed a new line of shampoos and lotions that protect you from hair loss. The products contain natural ingredients from the Mediterranean and a special composition strengthens and tones the hair. All products are ideal for all hair types and can be used by both men and women.

Shampoos against hair loss

Hair shampoo with the latest generation of oligopeptides that reduces hair loss, protects and nourishes hairs. This product is available for normal, dry and greasy hair.


Tonic & Antioxidant Lotion

Hair lotion with the νewest Biotechnological Plant Complex Oligopeptides and Caffeine that reduces hair loss, and contains ginseng extracts that stimulate the micro-circulation on the scalp and hair growth.


Extra mild shampoo

Extra mild shampoo with anti-irritant and mild cleansing effects, to reduce hair loss, protect and nourish hairs. Ideal for use after hair implantation and for sensitive scalp.